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You can relax in different ways. Especially in Switzerland. You can tour interesting cities, explore the monuments of medieval architecture, and visit numerous museums. You can laze in luxury Swiss thermal and spa centers, resting without much physical effort. Of course, you can also arrange excellent shopping.

But instead of a tour, you can go on a real journey, where you will get the chance to raft a turbulent river, hike on mountain paths, bike all you want, conquer more than one mountain top ... and get maximum pleasure, because that is exactly what leaves the most vivid impressions from traveling! You will see the most beautiful places in Switzerland. Panoramic views of the mountains will forever remain in your memories, and bright photos will make your friends and colleagues envy you.

You will definitely make new friends, because nothing brings people together like overcoming difficulties together, where character and will are tempered, and mutual assistance comes to the fore.

A trip like this will give you a real boost of energy that will last for more than one or two weeks on your return, help you escape the routine of the city and the frightening monotony of everyday life. And we bet you will never want to change active leisure for something else!

Aside from this, you won't need any special skills or training in order to take part in our active tour. Everyone can feel like the conqueror of the mountains, then the master of the turbulent and beautiful mountain rivers, the lord of dangerous and treacherous canyons, a free bird soaring under a paraglider wing, a cycling professional and a welcome guest at hotels.

Fusion Tours invites you to an extraordinary active adventure in Switzerland!

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