20 February 2018


Recent progress made in understanding the biological mechanics of aging makes it possible to fully appreciate the impact of lifestyle on the process and also to determine the ability of every individual to live well for as long as possible.

Drawing on this knowledge, the Nescens better-aging programs were developed to help you target and correct the imbalances that accelerate aging such as: overweight, stress, fatigue, while enabling you to gain a better understanding of your risk factors and the ability to implement a tailored health prevention plan.

In this way, all Nescens better-aging programs begin with an indepth diagnostic phase. This overview is conducted by a multidisciplinary team from the spa which combines complementary expertise (preventive medicine, osteopathy, nutrition) to enable overall better-aging treatment. The different components of the program (nutrition, physical activity, treatment) are personalized by medical teams who supervise the expert contingent (coaches, therapists, etc.).

Together with the medical team, the Café Lauren restaurant offers refined, tasty cuisine. Perfectly balanced between enjoyment and dietetics, this better-aging diet enables sustainable slimming devoid of frustration or simply learning to eat better.

Nescens better-aging programs make it possible to achieve long-lasting results while continuing to focus on pleasure and good living.


Nescens better-aging check-up
• Session with the doctor responsible for the program, health and diet check-up, interpretation of biological assessment results
• Session with the osteopath, physical and joint-health evaluation
• Session with the dietician, dietary assessment
Intensive, personalized program of physical activities and treatments

Physical activities
• 1 daily personal training session from the second day
• Access to all spa facilities (swimming pool, fitness, sauna, hammam...)
• Access to group classes

 Spa treatments, 1 massage per day minimum:
• 2 exclusive better-aging massages - 1h30
• 2 exclusive better-aging massages - 2h
• 1 complete 3-in-1 remodeling treatment - 1h30
• 2 body wraps
• 1 body scrub
• 4 balneotherapy treatments

Better-aging dietary program
• 3 personalized healthy meals daily

Excluding accommodation: CHF 3'200


Nescens Anti-Aging bio-individualityTM check-up
• Session with the doctor responsible for the program and the health and diet lifestyle assessment
• Interpretation of the results of the biological check-up and specific indicators (slimming, stress, joints)
• Session with the osteopath, physical and joint-health evaluation
• Meeting with the dietician, dietary assessment
• Anti-aging medicine consultation and interpretation of the different biological indicators including the oxidative test results
• Preparation of a complete report comprising a results summary of the various check-ups and consultations, along with a prevention plan including nutritional advice and a fitness program

Physical activity and personalized care program (Minimum 5 hours / day)
• 1 daily personal training session from the second day
• Access to all spa facilities (pool, fitness, sauna, hammam…)
• Access to group classes
Spa treatments
• 1 daily balneotherapy treatment
• 1 daily 1h better-aging Signature body massage
• 1 treatment daily decided upon by the medical team from the following treatments: wrap, 3-in-1 remodeling treatment, destress massage, rubbing, exfoliation...
Better-aging dietary program
• 3 personalized healthy meals daily

CHF 4,900 – Excluding accommodation


An extension of the 7-day better-aging Nescens Program, the Intensive better-aging Nescens Program is ideally suited to people in search of a longer treatment in order to achieve their objectives, especially in terms of weight loss. The treatment, activity and diet program is personalized and reviewed regularly throughout your stay by the medical team in order to ensure the best results.

CHF 9,500 – Excluding accommodation

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